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Our in-office teeth whitening solution will change the way your teeth look in about an hour visit. When you need to transform the look of your smile for an upcoming event, our in-office treatment will give you near instant results. Walk in with stained teeth and walk out with a fresh, whiter smile. There are no trays to take home (unless you’d like a touchup kit) and results last about one to three years.

As we age, our teeth are exposed to all types of chemicals and dyes in foods that stain them. We’ll help you restore your teeth to their natural brightness and make your smile stand out. Smiles by Design will help you whiten your teeth on your schedule. We offer nearly instant in-office whitening and take home whitening solutions to give you the whitest, brightest teeth.


Zoom! whitening helps your teeth look their whitest faster than you ever thought possible.

In as little as 45 minutes*, Zoom! whitening makes teeth an average of 8 shades whiter. Compare that to at-home whiteners that take anywhere from 7-30 days to whiten your teeth only 3-6 shades.†

Zoom! whitening is safe, long lasting and more effective than do-it-yourself methods. Zoom! uses both a whitening gel and a special light that makes the gel even more effective at whitening your teeth. This allows Dr. Schraw to improve the look of your smile in a single visit. It’s the perfect solution when you want to look your best for a special event and don’t have time to make multiple visits for tooth whitening using traditional trays. Our newly updated Zoom! system helps to reduce or eliminate sensitivity that is common with other whitening procedures.


*Time may vary based on individual case. †As shown on The Phillips Zoom! web page.


Visits to our office for teeth whitening in Fort Mill are pretty quick and there is no real preparation for you. Here’s what will happen when you visit:

  1. We’ll clean your teeth to prepare them for whitening.

  2. A special protective gel is applied to your gums and lips to protect them from the whitening solution.

  3. Whitening gel is applied and removed several times.

  4. You leave with whiter teeth.

Feel great about yourself and make a lasting first impression today!


Take Home Whitening Solutions

If you’d prefer to whiten your teeth more gradually, our take home solutions can achieve the same type of stunning white teeth when used daily for a prescribed length of time. Our take home systems have been shown to whiten teeth up to 8 shades with virtually no sensitivity. You’ll receive a kit with full instructions and how many days you should continue bleaching your teeth. Each day, you’ll need to complete the bleaching process for the full time prescribed to ensure that you’ll get good results. Our take home kits can also be used to touch up in-office treatment after 6-12 months.

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