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Dental Implants are an ideal way to replace lost or missing teeth. The dental implant crowns are created to match the color and shape of your existing teeth, so nobody needs to know you’ve had a tooth replacement. You’ll feel better about yourself and your smile when you can show off a full mouth of healthy-looking white teeth.


Anyone who has lost one or more teeth to accident or disease should consider dental implants. Implants are generally superior and cost about the same as a fixed dental bridge, the alternative for replacing one or more missing teeth. Implants can last a lifetime; something no other dental restoration can offer. An implant is a single restoration, whereas with a dental bridge, healthy tooth structure must be removed on the adjacent teeth to provide space for the ‘crown anchors.’ A dental bridge will also need to be replaced at some point due to recurrent decay of one or both of the anchoring teeth. Once integrated, dental implants generally need no further replacement so the cost becomes a one-time event, unlike the dental bridge which requires spending the money again approximately every decade. In fact, implants can actually help protect your long-term oral health by preserving the bone in your jaw, which can otherwise deteriorate when teeth are missing.


A titanium screw is gently placed into the bone, occupying the place where the previous tooth root would have been. It is then allowed to integrate with the bone for a few months. Once the titanium post is firmly implanted in the bone, a crown is created and attached to the implant. This provides a simple, but strong system that can withstand the pressures of chewing for many years, even a lifetime. You’ll be able to eat the foods you want just like the implant was your own original tooth.

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