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Dental veneers are a useful tool for improving the look of your smile. Veneers can be used to repair the appearance of chipped, crooked or poorly spaced teeth. For adults who would like to improve some cosmetic tooth problems, they can be an alternative to braces.


Unlike braces, dental veneers don’t make any changes to the actual placement of your teeth. Instead, they are a thin layer that attaches to the outside of your natural teeth. People will see only the white, clean appearance when you smile, but they won’t know it is not your natural teeth. Any chipped teeth, gaps, or discolored teeth can be covered.

Low Prep and No Prep Veneers

Modern veneers are made are often made of strong porcelain that is as thin as .2 mm. Because modern dental technology has allowed them to become so thin, you no longer have to go through lengthly preparations. In fact, you may need almost no preparation to the surface of your teeth, unlike thicker veneers which required removal of the outside enamel of your teeth. Although ultra-thin veneers are known as no-prep or low-prep, you’ll still need a few appointments before you can show off your new smile. Your veneers will be custom made to fit your mouth, so Dr. Schraw will need to make an impression of the teeth they will cover. Once created in the dental lab, they’ll be placed in your mouth and bonded to your teeth. You’ll then be able to continue to eat all the foods you normally do and you’ll smile with confidence knowing your teeth look great.


To learn more about whether low-prep or no-prep options are right for your mouth, ask Dr. Schraw at your next visit or schedule a consultation.


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