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Straight, healthy, white teeth are the stars of every great smile. Playing supporting roles are your lips and facial muscles. We’ve always been there to help with maintaining healthy teeth and gums, and for the past 6 years we’ve also helped to safely improve your entire smile in a different way.

Botox® - More than a Wrinkle Remover

Botox is a type of long-lasting muscle relaxer. A series of small injections prevent facial muscles from fully contracting. Botox treatments are most well known as a way to restore youth to your smile by removing wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. It can also be an excellent tool for cosmetic dentists for patients with high lip lines.


For these patients, the therapy helps relax the upper lip, allowing it to hide the upper gums and provide a more natural looking smile. Botox can help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, smokers lines, Marionette lines, and smile lines.

Dr. Schraw first received specialized training in using injectables as a therapeutic solution to treat difficult dental problems such as TMJ pain; facial pain; and teeth grinding and clenching. For many patients, Botox provides a minimally invasive and fast acting solution for symptoms that might otherwise require extensive treatment or even surgery. We offer Botox in Fort Mill, conveniently located in Baxter Village off I-77.


Botox® FAQs

Is it safe?

How long before I see results? It usually takes between four and seven days to notice results.

How long do results last? Without additional treatments, the effects of Botox eventually wear off. Treatments are known to last for up to four months. Please visit the Botox website for additional information.

Please visit the Botox website for additional information.

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